Waxed and microscreed concrete in the bathroom, an alternative to polished concrete

MIcroscreed and waxed oncrete will give your bathroom a contemporary look, with a great choice of colours available.

Polished concrete in the bathroom is a great option when renovating an existing bathroom or when building a new one. The coating is resistant, waterproof and easily adheres to other materials like wood or tiles. Thanks to its varied colour palette, polished concrete is the ideal solution for a contemporary or traditional bathroom. The smooth and glossy coating can be used for walls, floors, showers, sinks, bathtubs and is easy to maintain.

PAVIART® creates extremely hard wearing, waterproof seamless surfaces and is fast to install, significantly reducing the installation period and project down time, whilst making it an economical alternative to traditional materials. The versatile mortar can be applied in a single coat or two-coat system from 1.5mm – 6mm. Formulated with the PAVIART technology; its drying time is the same irrespective of the thickness of the coat. The low shrinkage characteristics also allow very large surfaces to be covered in one operation.

Choose waxed concrete for your bathroom walls

Polished concrete is a coating that can be applied on bathroom walls. When using polished concrete in a small size bathroom, it is advisable to mix different materials or vary the colours. This will prevent the room from looking smaller and too uniform. The application of polished concrete on your bathroom walls will result in a beautiful smooth and seamless effect. The coating is also the perfect solution to refresh old tiling. It is important to prepare the surface properly for the best results. It must be clean, without cracks or mold.

Choose waxed concrete for an easy to maintain and hygienic bathroom

The use of polished concrete on a bathroom floor will update an old looking bathroom, and it is also perfect when looking for a contemporary bathroom design. The coating is hygienic, easy to maintain but will not tolerate strong detergents. It is best to clean the floors and walls on a regular basis to avoid the build-up of limescale. Polished concrete will give a modern boost to a new floor, but it is important to prepare the surface accordingly to get optimum results.

Indulge in a waxed concrete walk-in shower

A walk-in shower is very trendy and practical. It offers easy access, and has a spacious feel to it. The installation of a polished concrete walk-in shower will require the intervention of a professional. The shower needs to be perfectly sealed, with the shower plug installed at the right place with the right inclination, so that the water flows out properly. As for the floors and the walls, it will require frequent cleaning to avoid the build-up of limescale.

Update your bathroom with a polished concrete bathtub or sink

Polished concrete is perfect if you want to update your bathroom without undertaking a major renovation. The mortar can be used on a bathroom sink or bathtub, and mix easily with other materials. It is the ideal solution to upgrade an old bathroom to a contemporary one.

Looking to update your bathroom with polished concrete? Call Paviart for a free quote. They are experts in polished concrete for bathrooms and their teams travel throughout France.

Paviart is the specialist in polished and microscreed concrete for bathrooms in London and the greater London area.

Paviart is an expert in polished concrete for bathrooms in London, the greater London area region and the rest of the UK. Their prices are very competitive. Call Paviart for a free quote.

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