Self Levelling Decorative Concrete

This smooth and uniformly attractive flooring comes into its own when you want to cover up a ‘problem’ surface – one that’s rough and/or uneven. It’s quicker to apply than microscreed.
PAVIART Self Levelling are cement-based floor coverings which allow an almost unlimited range of designs and colours thanks to their unique design concept. With the PAVIART® range, seamless and joint-free floors can be achieved giving a spacious feel.

Paviart is the specialist in self levelling decorative concrete in London and Greater London

The PAVIART range offers endless possibilities for designing rooms with colour. Unique design effects can be worked in and tinted. Ceilings, feature walls and existing floorings can seamlessly exist next to each other. The colours are resistant to fading and do not yellow or drift under UV light. The design possibilities and durability offered by the PAVIART floor range are increasingly favoured in commercial applications as well as private living environments.

Competitive prices

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