Self-leveling concrete

Self-leveling polished concrete is a smooth coating which can be dyed with a wide choice of colours and waterproof varnishes. It can be used on old floors, irrespective of underfloor heating. This is the ideal solution for interior floors.

Paviart is the expert in self-leveling polished concrete floors in London and Greater London

Self-leveling polished concrete is perfect to spruce up an existing space, giving in a new lease of life.

The screed can be tinted in bulk, and used to instill a contemporary feel and design to your home.

Its composition allows various designs and textures, from a raw surface, to a sanded one, or to a more intricate design with many finishes available (matt, satin, gloss).

Self-leveling polished concrete is the ideal coating to create a personalised design, matching your brand identity. It is perfect for shops, hotels, restaurants looking for a bespoke design. The polished concrete coating is resistant to high traffic and very hard-wearing, perfect for all your flooring requirements!

We are experts in self-leveling polished concrete

Ideal solution to use on a new floor or to renovate old flooring

The self-leveling concrete was originally used for industrial premises. It is a versatile coating that is now applied to new floors, or to renovate an old flooring, whether tiled or with an old screed. Durable and hard wearing, polished concrete floors are perfect for high-traffic areas, easy and quick to lay down.

The self-leveling concrete is a smooth, high quality coating that will result in a seamless and homogeneous surface. The pouring technique will produce an exceptional flatness instantly. The effectiveness of the technique also results in a speedy delivery of the project.

Paviart, expert in self leveling polished concrete

Paviart specialises in the application of polished concrete for flooring in London and Greater London. Our rates are very competitive. Contact us for a free quote.

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