Microcement and polished concrete in the kitchen

An innovative solution, for a very trendy contemporary house or apartment interior.The use of microcement and polished concrete will give the family space a modern and original touch. The coating can be used on kitchen work plans, on walls and on kitchen floors.

In a kitchen, microcement is trendy and practical

The kitchen holds an important place in the family life. More and more home owners want to use modern and timeless materials, and are willing to move away from traditional solutions, like granite, offered by kitchen manufacturers.
Microcement or polished concrete offers a varied colour palette and suits an open kitchen concept perfectly.

One of the advantage to the use of polished concrete is its easy maintenance. The cleaning is done using a damp cloth and a soft detergent in the event of stubborn stains. The use of polished concrete is also ideal when renovating a kitchen. The coating can be applied to the existing furniture, bringing the cost of refurbishing down.

The microcement coating is seamless, resulting in a smooth surface with no interruption. For a maximum impact, it is possible to add a kitchen island and a polished concrete sink. Remember to use a cutting board to prevent any scratches and a place-mat to limit any abrupt or thermal shocks. But these precautions also apply to other kitchen designs.

MIcrocement for kitchen walls, an effective way to renovate

The use of polished concrete provides an effective solution to update a kitchen without undertaking any major work. It can be applied on an old fashioned tiled wall, a painted wall or a brick wall. The surface will need to be smooth, with no cracks before applying the coating, bearing in mind that the resulting effect will be darker. A member from the Paviart expert team will be able to advise you on the range of colours available to match your style of furniture and household equipment.

Microcement, waxed or polished concrete in the kitchen offers a hygienic and hard-wearing solution for a busy family room

A polished concrete flooring in the kitchen is very trendy and ideal thanks to its resistance to stains and cracks. It is a seamless coating which will enhance your furniture. Same as for the kitchen walls, it can be applied on a new floor or an existing one. The coating is available in a matte, satin or gloss finish. Polished concrete is very hard wearing but required an adequate preparation before its application. The coating is not colder than tiles and resists moisture. The kitchen being a very busy place, concrete floors will age well despite the high traffic. The colour palette available will complement a wall, a floor or a personalised work top.

Paviart are the experts in microcement in the kitchen

The application of polished concrete on kitchen floors requires the use of very specific techniques. A successful application will ensure durability and achieve a flawless design. This is why it is advisable to hire professionals for the application of concrete coating in your kitchen.

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