Polished concrete furniture

Microscreed can be applied on furniture, tables, bathroom or kitchen countertops, and on most supports including timber, painted surfaces and tiles. It can smooth uneven surfaces and once sealed with the PAVIART surface sealer, the PAVIART Wall finished surface of is colourfast, non-fade, exceptionally stain resistant and easy to clean. This makes it the ideal solution for shops and commercial use, creating space that radiates openness, harmony and modernity.

Bring an original touch to your contemporary furniture with microscreed and waxed concrete.

Microscreed, an alternative to polished concrete, is an ideal solution to renovate your furniture such as a table, side table, work area in your kitchen, a sink in your bathroom or guest bathroom. We have a varied colour palette which will enhance your furniture while personalising it. Almost everything is possible!

The microscreed coating can be easily applied on different surfaces. It is perfect when used to renovate a counter in the kitchen. The result will be a seamless, smooth and hygienic surface, bringing a contemporary touch to your home. An old looking bathroom can also be updated with polished concrete by using it on the bathroom tops. Your guests will be impressed by a refreshed guest toilet with polished concrete furniture.

We have a wide range of waxed concrete furniture available. You can view our range and colours here.

The benefits of waxed concrete:

  • Resistant
  • Aesthetic
  • A wide choice of colors

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