Paviart, expert in microcement decorative concrete

We are a European company, manufacturers and applicators of microcement and self leveling concrete for interior decoration
At Paviart we have taken the best qualities from this industrial component and melded them with the latest in contemporary interior design.
Paviart floorings are a new design innovation. A low risk choice because they are based on a proven technology. Paviart have added a creative sparkle, offering a limitless choice and enabling the client to design bespoke flooring
Paviart was born out of the experience of construction professionals and concrete floor craftsmen with a combined experience of over 25 years.

PAVI Art has been, for many years, a leader  in the industry of polished concrete and decorative concrete. The company was launched in 2003 and is present throughout France and its neighboring countries, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Over the past years, we have had to respond to a growing demand for polished concrete coatings.

Thanks to the use of new technologies, we are able to help with the following products:

Using these new processes, and our knowledge, we are able to offer you a solution for your internal or external development projects. In addition to these new products, we are also working on more traditional services such as:

  • Paving Granite (Gemstone)
  • Tiling / Faience
  • Renovations and refurbishments

We adapt to the specific needs of each client, from designing bespoke projects to providing the best technical solution, and delivering an aesthetic design in line with your expectations.

Over the years PAVI Art has surrounded  itself with reliable partners, some of which are world renowned. Its reactive teams are highly qualified and experienced in the decorative coatings industry, allowing a sound structure which can support large orders.

We are committed to our customers and our professionalism is second to none. Visit our website to find out more about our polished concrete solutions.

Get in touch today with our team of decorative concrete specialists. You can contact us via email or phone.

Our speciality is microcement and stamped concrete. Our prices are competitive.

Looking for a decorative, polished or stamped concrete flooring company? Paviart can help you with your project.

Enjoy the experience of a team of experts, who will professionally install your decorative concrete floor, on time and at a competitive price.

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