The pattern imprinted concrete aspect is very close to the stamped concrete. The product is available in the same choice of colours, print designs (wood, stone, bricks…).  The only difference being the coating thickness which is about 10mm. It is applied to an existing surface, stable and with no cracks. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor.

Choose pattern imprinted concrete for your terrace, driveway, or garden alleys

This option is ideal for high traffic areas. Pattern imprinted concrete offers a durable and waterproof surface. The choice of patterns will make it easy to coordinate the concrete design to your house. There is also a wide choice of colours available, such as light ones which will be perfect for a poolside, or darker ones, great for an outdoor staircase or garden alleys. Its low maintenance will save you time in cleaning too.

Better resistance to salt thanks to the new technology FLOOR.PRINT

Pattern imprinted concrete has now a greater resistance to salt during the winter. Please feel free to request more information about this new technique when asking for your no obligation quote.

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