Enhance your staircase and walls with microcement

Walls can now become a creative canvas for bespoke designs, from subtle accents to bold statements. PAVIART Wall allows a variety of luxurious finishes whether you require a smooth surface or a rougher textured effect. It can also be tinted to any shade, even multiple shades to create the illusion and genuine feel of natural stone. By combining textures and tones, the design possibilities are endless.

Microcement is the ideal solution to cover existing floors (tiles) or a new floor in a new building (raw screed). This alternative to polished concrete offers a seamless coating, making the area where it has been applied look bigger and unbroken. Its low thickness, 3 to 4 mm, gives the surface a unique style, sought after by people looking for a trendy interior design option.

Your house and furniture will be enhanced by the use of waxed concrete. The coating adapts to most styles, from a traditional one to a contemporary one.

Adapt the concrete coating to the location of your staircase and walls

It is important to consider the location of the staircase or wall in your house when choosing the concrete colour and texture. A staircase or wall located in a dark corner will require a lighter colour choice, so that the structure is featured, reclaiming its place in the house’s design. On the other hand a prominent more visible staircase or wall can tolerate a darker shade of coating.

Why not mix microcement and textures?

Microcement lends itself to the mix of materials and textures. It is therefore possible to use a concrete coating on a staircase and choose wood, aluminium or perspex for the railings.

The use of microcement on a staircase will make its cleaning effortless

Whether you have chosen a light or darker colour, the maintenance of your staircase will be effortless, by brushing it with a broom or using a vacuum cleaner. It is not recommended to use a strong detergent. Do not hesitate to ask an expert from Paviart about the cleaning products adapted to your waxed cement wall or staircase.

We recommend you hire a professional to apply a microcement on your staircase or wall

As for the floors, walls, work plans or a bathroom, the coating requires the intervention of a professional, in order to avoid difficult to rectify errors. For example, the steps must be neat and straight, and the surface must be prepared accordingly so that the coating adheres perfectly to the structure. If you are modernising a wooden staircase, you will need to fill the cracks and isolate the steps and riser panels with a suitable adhesive. The same approach applies to staircases with tiles or a raw screed.

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