Microcement for swimming pools

Microcement, waxed concrete or decorative concrete is today a key element in terms of design: flooring, terraces, walls, showers … The waxed concrete is also a key element in the finishing of swimming pools.

Polished concrete pools are indeed a  the strong trend of design now.

Advantages of waxed concrete for a swimming pool:

  • Hardness and tightness

A mixture of mortar and resin, the waxed concrete makes the surface of your swimming pool particularly resistant to shocks, temperature variations and cleaning products.

The waxed concrete also reinforces the waterproofness of the masonry pools. The very composition of the waxed concrete ensures a flexibility that guarantees its resistance to water flushes.

It is resitant to shocks, frost, salt, chlorine, sun, weather…which makes it the ideal coating!

  • Infinite customization

The waxed concrete allows a real customization of your traditional pool.

In terms of renderings and materials, you have the choice of the finish: polished, matt, glossy, tadelak type effect …. With an infinite palette of colors and textures, for a lasting result.

Waxed concrete meets your requirements for design, colors, textures, durability. The waxed concrete pool: a decidedly trendy design for a personalized and unique pool. This coating applies perfectly on  concrete structures.

Competitive prices

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