Laying down of exposed aggregate concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete is a solution offered by Paviart to improve an access road, a driveway or the surrounding of a swimming pool. It is weather resistant and therefore ideal for outdoor use. The concrete rough effect is created by using coarse gravel mixed with cement. It is poured on a well-prepared flat surface, a retarder then is applied and the last stage consists in washing the cement with a pressure washer. The result is a gravel effect and its colour can be adapted to the requirements of the owner.

Exposed aggregate concrete is ideal for outdoor use

This aggregate concrete cement is often used in cities due to its resistance and ease of maintenance. It can be adapted to domestic use, improving the appearance of an access road in poor condition or the driveway of a garage. The two basic colours are grey and white but it is also available in a wider palette to enhance the exterior of your house.

Exposed aggregate concrete is ideal for a poolside

Poolsides are often slippery and therefore dangerous. Exposed aggregate concrete is the ideal solution with its non-slip, hard-wearing and easy to maintain surface. It creates a clean and safe surface for children, which is an improvement from unhygienic cracked tiles.

Exposed aggregate concrete in a bathroom or outside shower

It is possible to use exposed aggregate concrete for an indoor or outdoor shower by swapping the gravels for pebbles which are more pleasant to walk on. The choice of colours available will make it easy to blend the cement with your bathroom design. The concrete is also perfect for an outdoor shower as it is non-slip, easy to maintain and trendy.

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